My Chickmaglur trip

Ah! Did i tell u abt my walk up to the highest peak in Karnataka? No? OK. Let me do it now. It was a saturday morning on 5th Jan.. we were just done with work. My Frens Denzil and Vinayak(i call him the Metro Maam) and 2 of his frens Deepak and Himendhar took a nice and a comfortable cab to Chickmaglur…. We started up aroung 5:30 AM from Bangalore. Had breakfast at a restaurant called “Udupa Upahar” and moved on with KF Cans in hand….. The thrill of havin beer in the early hours of Morning is just amazing! We took the route via Hassan and Belur to reach Chichkmaglur. we reached there around 11:44 AM. Got into a hotel called Malnad Paradise…(it was from one..LOL) At 3 PM, we stepped out a lake called “Ayyana Kere”. From there we pushed off to Halebid and Belur. We reached back to the hotel at 8. We were tired and were looking for a place to sit and chill out… Kinda found a place called “Planters court” we sat there till the late hours of night…. The Maam was So high that he wanted a small tour of the city….and our Driver even agreed for it……. This way we slept around 1 AM.

Day 2:
The day begins with a walk upto the tallest peak in Karnataka…Metro Maam had earlier told us that we would feel like walkin on the clouds there…. Denzil and i were wondering where the clouds went 🙂
It was painful walk up, but once we reached there it was real fun! there were 2 caves there..Am sure they were connected internally!

Later, we pushed off to Baba Budangiri and then to Kemmangundi…. Finally we decided to head back to BNG at 7 PM… I reached home by 2 AM…..Slept well to get up and rush to office the next day………WOW!
You can watch the rest of the snaps here>>> Click Here

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