Guru: The Best of AB and MR

I finally watched this movie today. I have watched almost all the Bollywood movies Mani has directed, and Guru definitely is his best till date. This is a movie for every aspiring Indian who dreams of growing big, which in todays context is most timely.
The Story Begins with the Young Lad from “Idhar” village in Gujarat, wanted to relocate to the Gulf after he flunks in his exams. He manages to do so even without his fathers will and starts working at a shell shop wearing a Red Shell Uniform. After working there for 7 years, he realises his potential and decides to come to India and set up his business here. However, once he is back he faces the reality wherein he has no money( He needs 30 K but has 15). At the same time Guru gets to know that Sujata’s (Ash) father would give her in marriage with a dowry of 25 K. He just rushes into her house and asks her father to get her married to him. Its interesting to know that Sujata is elder than Mr.GuruBhai.
They move to Bombay to set up his “bijjiness” of textiles. He survives through all the initial hurdles to become a true entrepreneur. He sets up a corporation and grows with the trust of the people and his hard work. However, a reporter: Shaam Saxena( Played by Madhavan) is keen on exposing the fraud/irregularities that Guru has indulged with and this leads to Guru’s companies being seized. Guru gets paralysed as an outcome of this. However, he ends up recovering slowly and steadily.

The turning point of the movie was its las part. The inquiry commission is set up to check in to the allegations made on Guru and Shakthi Corporation(His Company). In his final Defense, AB makes a speech that literally shook me, He says “I am not afraid of the public, Because, I am one of them……” He breaks the commissions opinion on him and proves his stand by comparing his situation to Bapu’s 40 years ago. At the end, he comes out with just paying a small time fine and gets back to work. The movie ends with a Share holder meeting conducted at a stadium conducted in true DhiruBhai style.

3 Things I liked abt the movie.

  • The storyline, the way it progressed was amazing, thanks to M Ratnam.
  • Abhshek Bachchan, This was his best ever performance according to me. It takes talent to look older than you actually are. AB did it with grace. Way to Go… Junior B…
  • The concept of using certain “bad” things to help everybody. Here, Guru uses corruption in high places to fuel his growth and his shareholders as well.

3 things i didnt like abt the movie………

  • ASH. She looked quite artificial in the whole movie other than the court scene. In comparison, I liked Vidya Balan’s acting in the negligible role she played in the movie.
  • The movie can be misleading to some.. Though the focus was on the hard work Guru put in…. for a big part, the movie talks abt Guru growing the wrong way. This may make people feel the urge of making money using the “wrong” means.
  • The last scene was not as powerful. This can be attributed to Mani since most of his movies lack a powerful and definitive end. When the movie was ending I had no clue if it was… But yes… it was not bad either……

This movie is definitely worth watchin twice. This carries a message apt for this age and generation. I recommend it…… specially for youngsters like me.

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