Aero India 2007 and Mig 35

Bangalore is gonna witness the battle in the air this coming Feb. 7 – 11. I am sure the Aero India show is an event most of us wouldnt want to wish… especially those “bird watchers” afterall Planes are man made Birds you see :).
Jokes Apart, There has been much talk about this years event with the Advent of MiG showcasing its MiG 35 fighter Aircraft. There have been talks of selling a few of them to the Indian Air Force too about 120 of them..
MiG 35 (Fulcrum F) is the advanced version of the MiG 29 which boasts of advanced
capabilities like improved avionics, vast improvements in weapon systems, wide range of weapons of air to air and air to ground, as well as a variety of defensive and offensive avionics suite compared to its predecessors. It has eight weapon pylons and is able to refuel as well as carry three external fuel tanks. This Rocks man….. Not many Aircrafts that i have heard of have this ability.
* The Pic to the right features the MiG-35 with the Superman and my best fren… Mithun Ajit

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