MeeBo! The Future of WebBased Instant Messaging

I came across this tool…or should i say website a few days back. I was amazed to see the functionality that it boasts of. is a page which can change your thought on Instant messaging. For a person like me who uses a more than 4 clients( Yahoo, AOL, Google & MSN) this serves as a Big boon. Click here to get there

The benefits I feel are:
1. Ease of Multi Protocol IM Client
2. Drag and drop functionality for the IM Windows!
3. Saves RAM! ( You don’t need to run an instance of a desktop client)
4. You can build a widget where a visitor on your web page can contact you via IM thru the Meebo interface without having an account!

The Scope of Improvement:
1. Better support to Emoticons, Smileys 🙂
2. Account security: Since all our username/passwords are saved on the Meebo database, all that a hacker has to do is access that and we are dead! 😦
3. No access to features like photosharing and web cam! 😦

Here are the stats on Meebo’s popularity charts by TechCrunch
Where do you use meebo?
Work: 59.7% School: 36.8%Home: 30.0%Internet Cafe: 7.3%

Why do you use meebo?
IM otherwise difficult / impossible to access: 33%
Web IM is better than software IM: 18%
meebo is easier: 11%

Click here to get there

One thought on “MeeBo! The Future of WebBased Instant Messaging

  1. But do you know you cannot add any new member when you are using this particular site. I find it useful too………but certain thins has itz own pro’s and con’s

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