The Politics of the Water!

The Cauvery tribunal Announced its verdict awarding Tamil Nadu 419 thousand million cubic feet of water out of 740 tmcft available in the basin while Karnataka’s share has been fixed at 270 TMC feet. This as expected has led to a lot of disappointment for the people of Karnataka. The fact however is that the actual release will be around 190 TMC feet of water from Karnataka. The rest would come from the catchment areas in TN itself. I am not positive as to how the Government and the people would react to this judgment. Given the fact that people in Bangalore lift stones for every silly thing these days, I see less peaceful days in the near future.
But is this the real solution? This issue has been with the courts for more than 16 years and am sure if Karnataka plans to carry on with the legal battle(which I am sure it will) this is bound to go on for another 16 years with no real solution. The solution for this issue lies in the joint venture of the 3 governments ( TN, Karnataka and the Centre).

  • The government should start strategic programs on implementing Rain water harvesting and water conservation projects. This includes projects like rejuvenating the lakes and ponds to store rain water, educate the citizen on ways to conserve water.
  • The governments should consider their earlier plan of joining the Major rivers of India. This will help in bridging the imbalance wherein the Norths sees floods and south sees poor monsoons often.
  • Chennai should consider the option of desalination of sea water as this will at least serve its need for drinking water.

However, I am sure not many people in the governments would think so. And even if they want to.. they would talk about around 10 years from now.. Hope they talk soon.

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