Way To Wayanad!

Did I tell you about my trip to Wayanad? It was simply amazing. I had been there with our Work Group at Goldman Sachs.
We started from office around 12:30 AM on 3rd Feb on a 20 seater Swaraj Mazda(Don’t ask me about the journey). We started by puling everybody’s legs and calling them Names. Mr. Koppal was unanimously nominated as the conductor for the trip. We picked up “Kavities” at RRnagar and then hit the Bangalore-Mysore highway to reach Wayanad.
We stopped at a small hotel at a Kerala checkpost at 6:00 AM for some tea. I was so hungry that i had 3 idli’s and 2 “PuTTus”. We reached our destination around 9 AM. The Best part of the trip was that we were to be close to the nature…… In every way…. even when it came to answering its calls 🙂
After finishing all our basic tasks…we walked dowhill to the Soochipoora falls. There is a stream of water that falls from a rock 70 feet high. The plan was to get us rapling down. I got bruised while coming down:However, the pain was no where comparable to the thrill this activity gave us.
After this, we walked up to a very private”natural” swimming pool. All of us were in the water in no time…. that was so amazing with all of us chilling out and splashing water on each other.
That evening we travelled to Kuruva Island and pitched our tents in there! Lit our camp fire and cooked some chicken and fish! WoW…. Mogli Mai was our official “non-veg” cook of the evening!
The next day we crossed the Kabini River to go the lush island.
We learnt to do an aerial river crossing and then Bamboo Rafting….. It was a wholesome day! we started from Waynad at around 5 in the even… and reached here around 1 AM! It was a trip worth remembering. CLICK HERE to see my Album!

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