Bangalore Airport: My Obsession with Birds

Air Sahara ‘s Boeing 737 heads to the Taxi bay after landing at the HAL airport in the Morning.Align Center

Indian Airlines A320 Heading for a takeoff….Malaysian Airlines: A 330-300…
Singapore Airlines Boeing 747Cargo…

British Airways Boeing 777 Taking off from the Bangalore Airport……

3 thoughts on “Bangalore Airport: My Obsession with Birds

  1. You have only seen those planes, I really wish you saw the airport. It is shameful to have such a bad airport in Bangalore, inspite of it being the silicon city of India.

  2. Bro…
    I have seen the airport… and no doubt it is a big shame for all of us here……..But hopefully Devanahalli should do justice…
    What say?
    Thanks so much for writing in

  3. Dono about the airport but Ive been tying to get a glipse of the runway from inner ring road but no success 😦 too many buildings there now.
    Nice snaps.

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