AOL Made it to India…

AOL started with its Member services here in India..Later moved its software devolopment, knowledge Management and then the position of VP, International Operations to Bangalore from Dulles, VA and Now finally, moved its host of content services..the mail, AIM and mobile…. under the brand AOL Interactive Media India Private Limited or in the internet language AOL.IN

Well Done AOL…. This was long due though….
The greatest challenge AOL will have to face is the restructured Yahoo!(Did i mention..that they r now our neighbours!), Rediff and Indiatimes and not to forget the mighty Google. Moreover, The indian user looks at somethin simple, easy and FAST! If it has to capture the market, It has to come up with inovative marketing techniques and better products to support the tech savvy Indian User.

I did have a look at the portal. It remained true to the standard interface with the “desi” angle. However, the mail portal was far below my expectations . It looked cluttered with a huge AOL messenger ad and a boring pink interface. If AOL is gonna target the Indian email users like me then it better concentrate on keeping those big ads away and keep more space for the email…For Example GOOGLE!

Since, this is just the start i would wait and watch for the content on the portal. However, I strongly feel there is a lot to be worked on and a lot to be improved….

Overall, A great intiative…. Thanks AOL India Team…All the Best.
Reuters News Link

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