The Voice of the Lost Prophet

To my Dude Upstairs
 In my distress I called on you;
In my loneliness, I wept for days
With no real comfort, I fell Apart
To wake up to feel a hollow, To feel the dark

Where are you my father?
Why have I lost you?
Why do you hide your face from me?
Why have you thrown me into Darkness: marred with pestilence.

Deliver me from the sword,
Fill with me your love, so I long for none.
Comfort me with your loving word,
I will rise to declare I have won.

I have seen days of joy and laughter;
I have seen nights of pleasure
Those moments took me to slaughter
and today my sorrow has grown beyond measure.

I loved mortals, They walked away
Turned their back, for my utter dismay,
I felt exploited, I fell apart
When I saw I had to part.

Deliver me from the pain,
Free my soul, Take me to where I once was.
I know it hurts you to see my state
A broken soul whose life has no gain
Deliver me, Save me by your Might.

I once thought I was strong,
Indispensable, The powerful one
Only to realize, how badly I was wrong
That by one blow my world had gone

I cried my days and mourned my nights
Lived lonely times with you at no sight
At last, I found you in my darkness
A candle flame, that brought new light.

Now, I could feel weak, But I am still strong
I could have fallen, But will rise
I could be broken, but not destroyed
I could be alone, but not lonely
I could have lost life, but I live…

I have learnt my lesson, Have learnt your way
You took me through this for a purpose
You knew and I know now.
That without this phase I wouldn’t have known
without your grace, I wouldn’t have grown.

You are my true love, my hope and my inspiration
You wouldn’t leave me for anything in this world
You wouldn’t let me die in pain
You will not forsake me in the winter cold..

Sorry, I tried finding you in mortals
Gave them a place that belonged only to you.
I gave it with ignorance, but now I am back
and back for good.

-Written in the Brightness of a dying candle flame.

   Neil Rodrigues

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