The Song of a Recovered Lover!

I wonder what attracted me to you..
was it your eyes..or was it your smile?
Was it your Wonderful sef?
Nah! It was your attitude, i hadnt seen for a while.

I wonder what drew me close to you
Was it your maturity or was it your modesty?
was it your sparkling beauty
I guess it was the child in you That brought me out of blue!

The days we have stayed,
The moments we’ve shared
Cant find else to compare

but all that now my dear is history,
and for you, i am just a weird mystery

I used to smile and while i saw your glowing face
But today, haunting sorrow has taken its place
I keep longing to see those days
From the doorpost, i just stand and gaze.

What I am for you my dear?
A pillar? An Anchor?
Or a friend who lends his ear?
I wish to hear more
But i am hurt to know, you arent here..

I know its hard to cope,
But you know what, I havent lost Hope.
I have a bright life
and i know, ill find a good wife…

So Goodbye…

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