About NEil

Hi, This is Neil Rodrigues and You are at my personal Blog. This is my experiment with the Online world.

I work with UBS in the Equities Division.

I love photography, enjoy listening to music, some bit of travel… and yeah… Meeting a lot of New People…. 🙂

Talk to Me!

You can email me at anilrodrigues@gmail.com or add me on gtalk there.

5 thoughts on “About NEil

  1. i appreciate ur effort….people shud get to kw d real meaning of being a christian and not just b a christian 4 namesake….dey shud understand its not jus a religion but a dedication to d one who gav us his life because he loves us….an amazing love story ever heard…..i myself have known soo much being a part of jblm church in mangalore..

    all the unwanted attacks on christians should come to an end..we christians dont desrv it… angel

  2. Thanks Angel. Appreciate your reading. The greatest thing that we as Christians need to do is re-unite. We will never grow unless we stand together.

    It will take time. But i am believer and will always believe the Church will go back to the days of the Acts!

    Please give my regards to Aunty Pressy and all at the Church!

  3. Hi Niel,

    I am from Blore,would be taking up a job as a Montessori Principal in Katowisc,tell how much should be good salary for a family of 4 and I have 2 kids 4 and 6.Tell me how is the standard of living compared to Blore,here we get a house on rent for 12000 Rs in a very good area with 2 bedrooms and required amenities, so how would u rate the same in Poland.
    What is a decently salary if I am earning 35,000 here in Blore, 3000 Polish money is what I am being offered is that good.Please help me out.I will really appreciate it.

    Warm regards

  4. An important part of our business is helping people deal with the increasingly complex world of car/vehicle accidents and claims and related problems. The last thing anybody thinks about straight after an accident is money. First and foremost is the question “Are you O.K.?”…. Well if you are lucky things will be Fine. Then you think about the damage and you look at you pride and joy and you start to think O.K. That won’t be too bad to fix. However too often that’s not the way it is. The simple fact is you might not be in a fit state to even think at all. What then?

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